Contemporary Photo Gallery

Low and fluctuating Light Conditions, Active Subjects...
What more could a Photographer ask for!

Masque Reunion Show

Hootenanny 2007 (Blasters, John Doe, Mojo Nixon, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Social Distortion)

The Germs Movie Wrap Party

Alice Bag Silverlake Film Festival


Billy Bones

Conflict U.K.

On the Set of the Germs Movie "What we do is Secret"

TSOL Last Show!

Social Task

Citizen Fish

Youth Brigade

Undertakers and the Brat at La Mano Press

The Adicts


Zolar X

Mike Ness

Germs Return at the Galaxy

Germs Return at the Key Club

Mike Watt at the Key Club

Avengers at the Echo

Prima Donna at the Echo

The Weirdos at Sunset Junction

The New York Dolls

Urinals at the Echo

Divas of Deathrock At the Key Club: The Castration Squad Reunion

Dix Denney from the Weirdos
at Sunset Junction
Summer 2005

Billy Bones with the Billy Bones
April 2007