37 tracks of madness from this 'Killed By Death' band. In 1981, The Absentees released only 200 copies of their legendary "Tryin' To Mess With Me" single which is now one of the most sought after early California punk singles of all time! This CD is the first to compile all their official releases, demos, and a bonus live track! CD comes with a 12 page booklet loaded with band history and lyrics! Demented lyrics with crazed vocals from a very pissed Rocco Roll and crew. These guys are like a missing link between late 70's punk and the early hardcore of the 80's. Fast, snotty, and out for revenge! 13 of the songs are from their early period from 1979-1981, and the rest are from rare reunion demos and limited releases. (Tracks 1,2 were recorded in 1980, tracks 3-12 were recorded in 1981, tracks 13-18 were recorded in 1999, tracks 19-36 were recorded in 2000, and track 37 was recorded live on 2-3-79)


1. Tryin' to Mess With Me (mp3.)
2. F.U.M.
3. Revenge
4. Can't Relate
5. Phoney
6. Can't See Me
7. Kick Her
8. Wade's Mother
9. Are You Going to the Store?
10. Give a Damn
11. Why Did You Lie?
12. Kill or Be Killed
13. Ain't Done Nothin'
14. Direction
15. Living in Lust
16. Razor Blades
17. Anaheim Whore
18. If That's What Ewe Callgrunt 19. No Constructive Purpose in Society

20. Sewerman
21. Directed Energy Weapon System
22. Flat People Are Slaves
23. Why Don't They Want Us To Know?
24. The Nuremburg Trials
25. Harassed 3 Years by the Long Beach Police
26. The Long Beach Police Tried to Murder Me Once Again
27. Grey Beard and Glasses
28. Flat People Don't Make Decisions
29. Law Enforcement
30. Open Season
31. The Flat People's Party
32. Narks Turned Blue
33. It's Not a Joke! (mp3.)
34. Narks are Racist Motherfuckers
35. In Memory of Daryl Black
37. Cock in my Pocket (Stooges)