The Absentee Concept formed in 1978 and played many shows until 1980. Many of the Absentee Concept's shows would end up with Rocco singing naked from a rooftop. In 1981, the band shortened the name to the Absentees and put out fewer than 200 copies their only 7" single. The band finally broke up for good in 1983 and did not resurface until they were included on the 1993 bootleg compilation 'Killed By Death #7'. Today the Absentees brand of dementia has been rediscovered and the band is back with an all new set that features songs both old and new We at Artifix Records were astonished when we found out that they had reunited and were playing sporadic shows! We immediatly set out to see them live and bug them to let us release this CD. Our whining and nagging paid off and we were able to convince Rocco to put out this chronological compilation of all their recorded material from 1979 through 2000.