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            "R is for Rocket: The Complete Lost 1982 sessions"

This 20th anniversary CD release contains all of White Flag's earliest never before heard material from 1982 including; the incredibly rare withdrawn "R is for Rocket" 12"EP, studio outtakes from those sessions, the band's riotous first live show, and first on-air radio interview. A must have release for early California hardcore fans, from the White Flag Army!

Song List: (Tracks 1-9 are from deleted 'R is for Rocket' 12"LP from 1982, of which approximately 300 copies were made and most of these were destroyed by the band. Tracks 10-15 are outtakes from the LP sessions.)

1.Hell In A Handbasket (mp3.)
2. No Such Thing As A Witch 3.Hoppity Hooper
4. Mirror Mirror
5. 23 Pieces of Fudge
6. Love Me Like A Reptile
7. I Think I Love You
8. Torture Chamber
9. Paranoid
10. Cleocin
11. White Flag
12. Video D
13. Go To God
14. R'n'R
15. Question of Intelligence (mp3.)

(16-24 are first live show June 1982)
16. Hell In A Handbasket
17. Cleocin
18. Go To God
19. Mirror Mirror
20. R'n'R
21. White Flag
22. Video D.
23. Suzy Secret
24. Hell In A Handbasket Track
25 is first radio interview on KUCR 88.3 FM Spring 1982.

Also included is one Quicktime video of WHITE FLAG shot in 1982 in their hometown of Sunnymead (Moreno Valley), California.

Check out the WHITE FLAG INTERVIEW that Artifix Records conducted in LEFT OF THE DIAL (Winter 2003, #5)