John and Dix Denney had already been playing music as the WEIRDOS since 1976 and wanted to try something different. Dix had been listening to early industrial, especially Throbbing Gristle, and decided that he and his brother could make an industrial album using household sounds. Their opportunity came when their mother went away on a trip and left the Denney brothers all alone at home. They began recording songs using their guitars along with their mother's household appliances. They actually ended up destroying her washing machine in the process of creating this album of industrial soundscapes. This album was released on a very small independent label and received some airplay and good reviews before being forgotten by the masses that were not yet hip to this kind of sound. Fast forward to now and Artifix Records has decided to step forward and release what amounts to the Denney brothers "lost" album on digital CD format for the first time ever.

John and Dix Denney

Photo from Warhead promotional material

Produced, engineered, and performed by Dix Denney and John Denney

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA
July 1980 - March 1981

Originally released in 1981 on Contagion Records



1. Hey Big Oil
2. Sidewalker
3. The Wedge
4. Warhead
5. Crows Over a Parking Lot
6. The Central Figure
7. Vesta
8. Vernichtung

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