The Controllers: One of L.A.'s first and best
punk band!

  The Weirdos: The first, and most extraordinary, punk band from Los with an official website!!

Kaos: The genius of punk legend Johnny Stingray from 1980, now back in business after 23 years!


The legendary Alice Bag now has her own website!
Check it out for the lastest projects from this punk rock diva.

  Mark Vallen: Original cover artist for Slash
magazine! Check out his great website that
showcases his punk portraits and history of the early L.A. punk scene! Also a great section on
political artwork!

  Flipside Magazine Archive: Almost everything that
you ever wanted to know about Flipside or the early
punk scene! An amazing site loaded with great info!


Thee Undertakers: started in East Los Angeles in 1977...!Viva chicano punk! Check out these crazy guys at their first official website.

  Jenny Lens: The Girl With the Camera Eye! Jenny's site has THE most amazing pictures and history of Los Angeles punk rock! Seeing is believing!
  Hobo Jazz! They may not be punk, but they are mighty cool! They play all the most punk songs from the 1920's through the 1940's. These cats got style!
  The Rotters: Another amazing band back from retirement!
  Hyped 2 Death: Cool CD-R only label featuring rare and unknown punk gems
  Break My Face: Great informational site on Killed By
Death bands

  Rave Up Records: Italy's finest record label...early punk greats
  Vampir Records: New label featuring punk legends from early 80's San Francisco
  White Flag: Official cyber home for White Flag!
  Warning Label Records: Another great label delivering the goods on vintage punk!
  Punk Information Website...listing for punk bands, labels, and more!
  Don't forget Blink-o Web Design