Kaos: the Short Biography

  Johnny Stingray, who was recovering from the break-up of his first band, The CONTROLLERS, created KAOS at the very tail end of 1979. After the CONTROLLERS dissolved, Stingray was left without a creative vehicle. His girlfriend at the time was learning guitar, so he finished her lessons and promptly set the two up as a new band…thus KAOS was born. Through the next year and a half, they played many shows around L.A. in support of groups like the CHEIFS, ANGRY SAMOANS, GEARS, SACCHARINE TRUST, MAU MAUS, STAINS, and many others. They had one e.p. released on the legendary What? Records label (Brainchild of Chris Ashford who also released records by GERMS, DILS, SKULLS, EYES, etc…). KAOS also appeared on an episode of Peter Iver's 'New Wave Theater' and live on KPFK radio.
  The CD features 20 previously unreleased recordings! 17 of the songs are from 1980 and are all studio demo or rehearsal recordings. 1 track is a recording of their interview on KPFK and offers some hilarious insight into the workings of the band. 2 other tracks are demos of KAOS and CONTROLLERS songs that Stingray recorded in 1990. Another exciting feature about this CD is the inclusion of the KAOS footage from their 'New Wave Theater' appearance from Fall 1980. This footage is attached to the disc as a Quicktime movie file. The accompanying booklet is 12 pages long and contains the requisite overload of historic photos, flyers, and info. The layout for this CD was done by Ronn Spencer who is a 25+ year veteran of punk album layout, having done the original SEX PISTOLS and ANGRY SAMOANS releases in the late 1970's and
early 1980's.