Are you ready for a sucker punch to the throat? Do you remember the power of "Screamin' Fist" and the reviews of the legendary, and chaotic happenings of the original punk terrors from Canaduh? Steven Leckie and the Viletones were chaos and mayhem personified. Now, for the first time ever, the 1977 studio material by the VILETONES is available on vinyl LP!

The Viletones were the infamous first generation punk rock band from Toronto, Canada, led by Steven Leckie, a.k.a. "Nazi Dog" or "Dog" on vocals. Other members from the original line-up were Frederick DePasquale a.k.a. "Freddie Pompeii" on guitar/vocals; Chris Paputts, a.k.a. "Chris Hate" on bass guitar/vocals, and Mike Anderson, a.k.a. "Motor X" on the drums/vocals. In July of 1977, The Viletones joined The Diodes and Teenage Head at famed New York punk club CBGB at a showcase featuring "Three outrageous punk bands from Toronto, Canada". Eminent rock critic Lester Bangs described the show in an April 29, 1981 article for the Village Voice: "This guy Natzee Dog hung from the rafters, crawled all over the stage, and hurled himself on the first row until his body was one huge sore. Somebody asked me what I thought and I said, 'Fine with me - in 1972 every band in the world was Grand Funk, now every band in the world is the Stooges.' I didn't tell Natzee Dog that, though; I told him: 'You guys were cooler with hockey haircuts.'" Also that year, The Viletones released their first single, "Screamin Fist" b/w "Possibilities" and "Rebel" on their own Vile Records. In 1978, they released Look Back In Anger, which featured the songs "Don't You Lie" and "Dirty Feeling", b/w "Back Door To Hell", "Swastika Girl" and "Danger Boy". The same year Pompeii, Hate and X abrubtly left The Viletones. The now former Viletones joined up with ex-Diode John Hamilton in The Secrets.

The Viletones are true legends of punk music. Their recordings sound as fresh today as they did in 1977.


Artifix Records, in cooperation with Steven Leckie, remastered the original 1977 recordings for our LP release.