SHOCK were part of the first wave of punk to hit Los Angeles in the mid 1970s alongside the likes of The Germs, The Weirdos, Screamers and X. Formed in 1976 by core members:

Paul Lesperance (vocals)

Steve Reina (bass)

Kip Brown (guitar)

(drummer Gaylord Feketia completed the “classic” lineup starting in late December 1977)

SHOCK were there at the beginning, an active participant and witness to those hazy, crazy early days of pre-hardcore L.A. punk.

For the next three years, until their breakup in early 1979, SHOCK evolved with the scene and went through several different lineups before morphing into the four leather-jacketed youths that made up the classic lineup (as pictured on this webpage). Along the way they played some great gigs with some great bands (including two memorable nights at the Whisky with the Ramones) and released two vinyl 7-inchers. Their “This Generation’s on Vacation” EP is now considered a pop-punk classic.

This long overdue compilation –the first full-length SHOCK release in the U.S.! –includes most of those hard-to-find recordings plus a stash of unreleased rarities, including a long lost fourth track from the “Generation” sessions, two scrapped single cuts from an early lineup of the band, and a 2013 reunion recording.

SHOCK is an amazing band that has stood the test of time. Their recordings sound as fresh today as they did in 1978.


Artifix Records, in cooperation with SHOCK, will soon be releasing an entire LP of their material.