Freak Pointing Page
Take a gander at some of the individuals we have had the pleasure to meet over the years!

The Artifix kids and friend man their
anarchist "distro" table at La Mano Press

Kim and Dick
(UK Subhumans/Citizen Fish)

The Kids and Shawn Stern
(Youth Brigade)

The Kids and Monkey (The Adicts)

Our anarchist children and Dick

Greg, Greg Ingraham, guitar player for the Avengers, and Kim

Greg "Bag" and Kim

Kim and Dix Denney from the Weirdos

Lorna Doom and Pat Smear, from the Germs, with Artifix indentured servent (daughter Chandra) between them

Greg with Maggie from Twisted Roots

Greg with Paul Rosseler (Screamers) and Chandra

Greg and Michelle Flipside

Creepy Tony and Tracy Skull from Thee Undertakers with Kim

Is Greg dreaming or is that really Penelope Houston from the Avengers?

Alice Bag, Greg, and Kim
(Can you find John Denney hiding in this picture?)

Kim with Pat Fear (White Flag) and friend on the left, guy from O.C. band Six and friend Chris on the right.

Chandra and Greg with John Denney (Weirdos) and David Jones...soon to be author of a great book on early LA Punk...look for it!

Greg with sound engineer "Johnny Penguin" and "Johnny Stingray" from the Controllers and Kaos

Greg, Janice Tully, Johnny Stingray, and Kim

Kim and Chandra with Kevin Preston, from Prima Donna and formerly the Skulls, and his lady friend

Greg and Clem Burke from Blondie
(That is THE "Rosemary" from the Dickies song in the background!)

Greg, Dawn Wirth (punk photographer), Kim, and Terry Graham from the Bags and Gun Club at Anti-Market in L.A.

Miranda, Marcus from Hobo Jazz, Chandra