ALICE BAG “Violence Girl” a memoir…and aural history…

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ALICE BAG "Violence Girl" EP features these five bands/songs featuring Alice Bag:

BAGS "We Will Bury You" (Dangerhouse alternate mix from 1978)

CASTRATION SQUAD "Date With Jack" (Live on KPFK FM 1980)

STAY AT HOME BOMB "Missed Your Mark" (Unreleased studio demo 2004)

GODDESS 13 "Happy Accident" (Unreleased studio demo early 1990s)

CHOLITA "Chinga Tu Madre" (Studio demo from late 1980s)

*Limited edition sangre (blood) colored vinyl! Comes in full-color cardstock pocket sleeve!

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Born and raised in East L.A., Alice grew up in a home where speaking a language other than Spanish was forbidden. As a result, Alicia did not speak English when she started school and recalls crying when a frustrated teacher yelled at her. This memory led her to pursue a career as a bilingual teacher so that she could help other Spanish speaking children have a better experience with school.

Alice began singing professionally at the age of 8, dubbing cartoons into Spanish and recording the theme songs. She attended several Eastside schools and by the time she left junior high she had become fascinated with the glitter rock scene and music by T. Rex, Bowie and the New York Dolls. In 1976, she and a friend (Patricia Rainone) decided to form an all-girl punk band and began auditioning musicians, which eventually led to The Bags.

The Bags were one of the first and most popular bands of the early L.A. punk scene and were notable for having two strong female members. Their music was fast, aggressive and confrontational. Alice Bag didn't so much perform as explode on stage and The Bags quickly gained notoriety. By the time the remaining members of the Bags were included in the Penelope Spheeris film, The Decline of Western Civilization (1981), the
Hollywood punk scene was already in its final days.
Alice went on to perform in many different groups while she attended college in Los Angeles, earning her Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Cal State L.A. She began teaching at inner city schools where there was a need for bilingual instructors, work she continues to this day.

In the late 80's, she joined the pop-punk group Cholita! with Vaginal Davis. Subsequently, she formed the acoustic group Las Tres with Teresa Covarrubias (The Brat) and Angela Vogel (Odd Squad), specifically to perform original songs in a folk idiom written from a Chicana perspective. The group was a critical and local favorite and led to a spin-off project, Goddess 13, which became  the subject of a PBS documentary.

Following the birth of her daughter in the mid-90's, Alice took a break from writing and performing, during which time she focused almost exclusively on motherhood. Realizing that this role alone was not completely fulfilling and needing a musical outlet to express her ideas spawned her latest project, Stay At Home Bomb, an all female punk rock group that addresses domestic roles,  socially enforced images of femininity and the burning desire of women to kick ass in a rock band. Stay At Home Bomb included Lysa Flores and two ex-members of the hard rocking band Betty Blowtorch, Judy Molish and Sharon Needles.